Christchurch's pet boarding and dog & cat grooming professionals

The animal loving team at Kimmy's, understands all the concerns of pet parents.
Whether your four-legged family is coming to stay in the cattery or kennels or your dog or cat is coming in to be groomed, we'll make the experience as pleasant and comfortable for them as possible.

With more than 45 years of experience and a genuine passion for animal care, you will know that your canine or feline friend is in the best hands with our team.

For quality pet boarding, grooming and animal care products visit us in Christchurch today. 

Pet products

Woman with cat at a pet boarding Christchurch
We offer you a fantastic range of products from reputable suppliers to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy. Come in and see our quality selection of:
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Leads and collars  

Dog & Cat Grooming

Dog at a pet boarding
Our team will take the time to get to know the unique quirks of your cat or dog whilst they are staying in our kennel or cattery. You can be sure they'll receive all the love and attention they need. The safety and well-being of our guests is the highest priority at our kennels, cattery, and doggy day care centre. Your peace of mind is also assured with our experienced dog grooming team. We make sure that your pet feels comfortable and safe. 
Starting January we are now offering professional cat grooming.
Call us to book your furry friend in today
Cat grooming prices starting from
  1. Bath & Brush & Nails $70
Full Kitty pamper from $120
includes bath, brush and shaving 

Affordable care

Beautiful cat lying in the grass
Treating your pets to the best care is more affordable than you might think. Our competitive rates make it easy for you to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy without spending a fortune. If you mention this website when booking we will be pleased to offer you a 10% discount off your first groom or a day of free boarding! 

Grooming Services

Full Pamper Package:
From $65, includes Warm luxurious bath, warm hand dry and massage, full trim and nails trimmed. Fragrance spray.
Mini Pamper Package:
From $40, includes warm luxurious bath, warm hand dry and massage, feet, face and hygiene trim and nails trimmed. Fragrance spray.
Bath Package:
From $20, includes warm luxurious bath, warm hand dry and massage, nails trimmed. Fragrance spray.
Puppy Package:
 From $35, includes warm gentle bath, hand dry and play time, face, feet and hygiene areas trimmed, cuddle time, nails trimmed, more cuddles. Fragrance spray.
Additional Services:
From $10, Medicated shampoo bath, express anal glands, Nail only trim, Ears cleaned & trimmed, Face/eye tidies. Flea bath/control.
Full Dog Boarding:
From $18 per day, includes all bedding, food, cuddles and loads of supervised play time.
Inside Kenneling:
$21 per day, just for the little sociable ones, includes all food, bedding, cuddles, sleep, play and all the attention a wee one needs with constant supervision. Snooze away the day with their own radio or have a play with their new found friends in the paddle pool or tug of war with the many toys. Own safe outside play area, big doggies not allowed.
Day Care:
From $15 per day, drop your doggy in for a full day of play, sleep and treats. Lots of one on one time with a animal crazy team member and group play dates. Discounted bath on the day, bookings essential.
Cat Boarding:
From $13 per day, warm sunny cattery where the cats can choose a quiet spot to snooze or large play area for the friskie kitty. Constant music heating or fans keep those furry felines comfortable and feeling safe.
  •     We feed all top quality dry biscuits with different options for the fussy minded.
  •     All kennels are cleaned thoroughly twice per day.
  •     All bedding is changed daily
  •     Dogs get out to play at least 3 times during the day with a team member who loves to play games with them, or just a quiet cuddle.
  •     They are constantly monitored throughout the day.
  •     Owners live on site so they are never alone.
  •     Check out before 10:am and that day is free.
  •     No extra charge for giving special diet requirements or daily medications
  •     Discounted professional grooming for all boarding dogs, whether it is a full groom or just a bath, we do it all

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